Miguel Aguilera   complex systems, neuroscience and cognition

Code & Data

Here you can find different code and data repositories related to my papers and other projects.

Code repositories:

Tuning agents to criticality.

Code reproducing the models in Aguilera, M & Bedia, MG (2018). Adaptation to criticality through organizational invariance in embodied agents. Scientific Reports volume 8, Article number: 7723 (2018).

Data repositories:

Perceptual crossing experiments.

Data used in Bedia, MG, Aguilera, M, Gomez, T, Larrode, DG, & Seron, F (2014). Quantifying long-range correlations and 1/f patterns in a minimal experiment of social interaction. Frontiers in Psychology, 5, 1281.

Teaching resources:

Artificial life summer school.

This repository contains code and theory from the Intangible lab summer school on artificial life held in Etopia (Zaragoza) in 2017.